Phong Phu Home Textile Joint stock Company opens high-grade towel supermarket Mollis

In 2008, Phong Phu Home Textile Joint Stock Company (PPH) opened a high-grade towel supermarket on May, 6th,2008 at 185 BC, Le Van Sy-Ward 4 - Phu Nhuan -HCMC with the brand name of Mollis at the aim of developing domestic market.


In the past 3 years,  the high-quality towels branded Mollis has been well-known and trusted by by consumers. At present, Mollis towel products are available nationwide with more than 50 agents and more than 100 shops and supermarkets including Sai Gon Co.op supermarket system, Metro, Big C, Vinatex Mart...with the anual sales doupled than the previous year.


At the same time, PPH also introduced new and unique products made out of fibres from oaks (Modal) and bamboos (Bamboo).




Mollis high-grade towel supermaket

“Supermodel-Modal” is high-quality towel type made out of Modal fibres extracted from natural oak wood. These fibres are combination of 50% of oak’s celulose and 50% of cotton with the remarkable advantages of being supersoft, well absorbent, colorful, insensitive to skin, comfortable, high-glossy, low-resilient, improved constraction...These products are mainly towels used in households such as bath towel, face-sloth, handkerchief and  children towel.

“The Bride Bammboo” includes towels used in households such as bath towel, face-sloths, handkerchief and children towel, bathrode made out of natural bamboo fibres. The bamboo used must be planted and in 6 years before being exploited then bleached by oxygen bleaching technology. Because of their beehive-shaped structure, they have many outstanding advantages; for example, besides fibral structure, each smaller fibre is one part of beehive-shaped structure in both sides. This structure increases the active functions of Bamboo fibres in the mass surface.

The Brandname of Mollis cotton towel and bathrode are made out of cotton, Visco, Modal and Bamboo which are natural, environmental friendly and human friendly with unique and fine design, modern style, various colors, luxurious patterns, satisfying all demands.


Products displayed in the supermarket

In 2007, high-grade towels branded Molis made of Modal and Bamboo fibres won the award “Fashion 2007” with the product named “The gift of towel-set branded Mollis”. This is a clear proof for the breakthough of using new materials of Modal and Bamboo in Vietnam textile industry.

In the term of serving consumers in the best way, Mollis always research, discover and bring you more new, origional products which are fine in the tiny patterns. Mollis promises to help you reach the ferfect beauty of life.

Cam Ha